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There is a long and a short answer to questions about the nodal axis and the bendings.
THE SHORT ANSWER: The bendings are the points that are 90 degrees from the nodal axis. If you have a nodal axis at 00 Taurus (NN) and 00 Scorpio (SN), the bendings would be at 00 Leo and 00 Aquarius.
These points are sensitive. 00 Leo would be considered the North bending, since it is 90 degrees from the North Node, and 00 Aquarius would be the South bending , since it is 90 degrees from the South node.

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ELEMENTAL VOIDS: Missing earth, air, water or fire in the natal chart
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Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump had something in common besides being the 2016 candidates for the US presidency. They both have charts without the Sun, Moon, or eight planets in any earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn). This is known as an elemental void, and it is an interesting consideration in natal astrology. (In evaluating elemental voids, I do not count the Ascendant, Midheaven and Nodal axis , though some astrologers do.)

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1. Ivy Jacobson once observed that you can generally have what you want from the house Mars occupies in your natal chart, depending on how much effort you make. She noted that you stand the best chance if Mars is in the 11th house, because it is the “hopes and wishes” house. One example is Dolly Parton, who has Mars in the 11th at 20 Cancer, the decanate of Pisces, and out of bounds by declination.

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