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Re-visioning the 29th Degree

The September 2015 Eclipse in 20 Virgo

The 19-20th Taurus/Scorpio degree arc and the Eclipse of May 10, 2013

The 21-22 Scorpio Arc and the Eclipse of November 13, 2012

The 18-20th degrees of the Cancer/Capricorn axis and the eclipse of July 11, 2010

The Saturn Uranus opposition of 2010

Since November of 2008, Saturn and Uranus have been in opposition, flirting back and forth in a series of exact face-offs, all coinciding with events that—along with Pluto now on the Capricorn/Cancer axis-- may be echoing history.   Events occurring now have similarities with the last time the two planets opposed one another, from 1918-1920, and from 1965-1967.  In both of those time frames, transiting Pluto’s involvement was either similar to its present position or in conjunction/opposition with Saturn or Uranus.   This 4,000 word article revisits history, and provides some ideas on how the opposition may play out in world events, with a nod toward its potential in a natal chart.   Observations range from noting that three hot button areas—Palestine, North Korea, and Pakistan all have natal charts with a planet in 00 Cardinal, to the involvement of two trans-Neptunian planets, Kronos and Hades, and their potential in the grand 00 cardinal cross this summer. (Posted April 5, 2010)

Michele's Blog July 2009

The July blog provides research and detail on the 4-6th degrees of the Cancer/Capricorn axis.  This is significant in that transiting Pluto is approaching this degree axis. The trans-Neptunian Kronos—which refers to high government officials, high management, etc.—is at 4 Cancer, and the opposition of the two appropriately symbolizes the numerous falls from grace that have been in the news, in both the financial and governmental spheres. That Pluto was in the early degrees of Cancer in the 1914-1919 time frame presents some incidents that are similar to some world events going on now.

The keyword phrase for this axis, in my opinion, is removal and rebellion.  I had become intrigued with it a few years ago when astrologer Blain Bovee posted on the StarSymbols list that he considered 4-5 Cancer to be the “James Dean” degree. The rebel streak certainly seems evident in the research.  The removal concept is also apparent in an unusual number of abductions, interventions and banishments connected to this degree. 

The blog is about 6,000 words and also notes some things in Richard Tarnas’ Cosmos and Psyche, provides a word about Mercury returns, and offers some miscellaneous musings.

Michele's Blog April 2009

This blog provides information on the 18th degree of Aries as a degree of passion, intensity and focus; some followup to the eclipse of 6 Aquarius mentioned in the January blog; and an astro-twin observation.

Michele's Blog January 2009

The January 2009 blog is a focus on the eclipse of Jan. 26, 2009, at 6-7 degrees of the Aquarius/Leo axis.  The 6th degree of this axis is associated with events that have to do with "the consequences of great heights." The blog also contains some observations about the Sedna legend in connection with the US Airways airbus crash.

The 8th degree of cardinal signs: Turning Points, Confrontations and Risks

18-19 Degrees of Virgo and the Eclipse of Sept. 11, 2007

17-18 Degrees of Aquarius/Leo and the Eclipse of Feb. 6, 2008

The Moon's Nodes

It is relatively safe to say that the Moon’s Nodes have a rather nebulous reputation in astrology, with a wide variety of interpretations and understandings of their use in a natal horoscope. With that in mind, I offer this discussion. It is aimed at intermediate and advanced astrologers, but beginners may find certain parts of the article understandable, and I’ve provided a listing of the signs that the Nodes have occupied over the last few decades. This makes it easy to identify in what sign the Node resides in your natal chart, even if you do not have a natal horoscope chart available.

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