Predictive Astrology: Cycles of Change,
Seasons of Meaning

In Predictive Astrology: Cycles of Change, Seasons of
, Michele Adler has presented a wide spectrum of astrology’s
forecasting techniques for the intermediate and advanced astrologer.

Included in the book are chapters on transits, secondary progressions,
minor progressions, tertiary progressions, solar arc directions, return charts, and diurnal charts.  The book also contains a table of important planetary cycles and the human ages at which they usually occur, and a chapter on predicting with degrees that includes specific research on the
29th and 00 degrees of the zodiac.

The book is $21.95 in US dollars, plus shipping and handling charges,
with 7 percent sales tax for Florida residents.

The book is published by Hidden Water Publishing, PO Box 89274
Tampa, Florida 33689-0274.

Click here to see the book’s Table of Contents.

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If you would like to download a free copy of the graphic that appears in Chapter 10
of the book, Click here.  (Note that the design is not for commercial use.)

Predictive Astrology can be ordered from the following sites:

American Federation of Astrologers at www.astrologers.com

Astrology Center of America at www.astroamerica.com

Amazon.com at www.amazon.com

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